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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, a local mother arrested after a trip to the
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mall. how police say she put her daughters in danger to get her makeup done. panic after snow paralyzed a major city. >> is there a way you can get out of your car safely? >> i don't think so. because if i get out, i got a feeling that i might get hit, because there are cars coming. >> calls for help after 2 inches of snow that brought atlanta to its knees. she posted pictures on facebook, but didn't expect the see the images in an ad. the warning about facebook's fine print, and why it may make you reconsider what you reveal online. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> first tonight, a disturbing discovery. a couple found dead in their home in southeast d.c. >> and police say their two young children were inside as the tragic scene unfolded. shomari stone is live with the latest on the investigation. shomari? >> reporter: well, right now we have learned that police removed bags of evidence from the house in question. it's in the center of this block
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right over here, and they put the bags inside a police car like that one there. it's a very emotional scene out here. relatives have been coming, crying, hugging. and they haven't identified the bodies because they cannot cross this yellow crime scene tape. a mother breaks down in tears after finding out the body of her 21-year-old son and his girlfriend were found inside their southeast d.c. house. daryl hall drove her to the crime scene. she doesn't have a car. >> it was definitely a surprise. and it's devastating. it's sad to see someone lose a loved one, you know, to get a call and say your son or your daughter has been shot. >> reporter: tonight police have not confirmed that the couple has gunshot wounds. this all started around 4:00 this evening. officers drove to the 1600 block of 17 street southeast. they found the bodies. tonight relatives tell me they're a couple and their two kids, ages 1 and 2 were also in the house. >> there appears that there is some drama. don't know if this could be, you
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know, a murder-suicide or if this could be something different. we really just don't know. >> reporter: family members and relatives are tight-lipped while police investigate. >> the only thing i can do is pray for them. >> reporter: you're now looking at a live picture of 17 street southeast, the 1600 block. detectives are on the scene right now. police are still processing the scene. they have not released the victims' names, but we do know the children are either with child protective services or relatives. police have not told us yet. live here in southeast d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. another awful family tragedy has people in gaithersburg searching for answers tonight. investigators say james stirkins, a montgomery county police officer shot his son christopher after he found the 25-year-old stabbing his mother. he called 911 and started doing cpr on his wife. both the son and the wife died. we checked christopher's criminal record. he has minor convictions for
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marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession since 2009, but nothing that could give any indication of the violence that took place last night. hundreds of people touched by the tragedy at the columbia mall gather tonight to remember the victims. chopper 4 flew over the vigil just a few hours ago. inside the mall, people wrote messages on a memorial wall for brianna benlolo and tyler johnson. both were killed by the gunman, identified as darion aguilar on saturday, and then he killed himself. those who knew the victims remembered benlolo as a loving mother and johnson as an inspiration who helped others who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. >> please remember her as the amazing person she was. >> no matter what you're going through, tyler would be the first one to tell you, you can get through it. >> the mall in columbia will hold a moment of silence on saturday morning at 11:15 to honor the victims. outrage tonight after a maryland mother allegedly left her children in a cold car so
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she can get her makeup done. this is not the photo that regina coleman was expecting to take after her makeover. tonight she is in jail, facing child neglect charges. erika gonzalez is in waldorf with reaction to her arrest. >> reporter: two little girls found crying in a waldorf mall parking lot. >> that's irresponsibility. that's neglect. that's mean. >> reporter: the charles county sheriff's department says 28-year-old regina marie coleman was arrested tuesday for child neglect. >> i think it's a bad judgment on her part. >> reporter: coleman's 3 and 6-year-old daughters were found alone in her cadillac escalade while she got her makeup done. the woman told police she went inside the store to find her wallet, that she had misplaced it. well, they found her wallet inside her purse, and they found that she had been at a makeup counter for over 90 minutes. the girls were found wearing heavy colts but told officials they were cold. not hard to believe given the weather that night. >> look at the temperature, 16. this is not a wintry night in
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d.c., i don't know what is. >> reporter: shoppers we talked to are appalled. >> if you want to get your makeup done, go home. do your makeup at home, with your kids in the house. >> reporter: the children have since been handed over to relatives. in waldorf, maryland, erika gonzalez, news4. tonight parts of the country are still dealing with dangerous weather conditions. cameras in minnesota captured what appeared to be a demolition derby on the highway there today. cars lost control, careened off the road. others rear-ended a tractor-trailer. in mobile, alabama, an suv slid on a patch of ice and barely missed a tow truck driver. in atlanta, a few inches of snow paralyzed the city earlier this week. that led to more than one thousand accidents. tonight we're hearing the 911 calls from the drivers there. >> is there a way you can get out of your car safely? >> i don't think so, because if i get out, i got a feeling that i might get hit because there's cars coming.
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>> a lot of people are having to abandon their vehicles and walk at this point. we have the officers trying to get out there as quickly as they can to deal with accidents and everything, okay? so if you're able to walk up your jeep and walk home if you're close to where you live, that's probably the best thing to do. >> today many of the drivers went back to the highways to get their cars that they had abandoned. the governor of georgia is apologizing for the state's poor response to that crisis. now about our weather. cold tonight, but a warm-up is in store, although it will be brief. here is storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer with details. hey, doug. >> all the warm-ups over the past month or two months have been brief. the next one looks to be that too. already down into the teens. the low teens in some areas. patuxent river was at 12 earlier. now back up to 14. 14 right now in cambridge. 19 in fredericksburg. but i want you to notice what is going on back here to the west. look at winchester, normally one of our coldest spots, martinsburg. those temperatures have not fallen. they've actually risen a little
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bit. the reason? cloud cover overnight tonight. so we're not going to see nearly as cold temperatures as we have over the past couple of nights as the clouds continue to make their way in. now, tomorrow morning still going to be cold. some areas maybe 14. but most areas closer to that 20 to 22 degree number. so still cold, but a little bit better. over the next couple of days, we've got warmer weather. we've got snow. we've got ice. we've got rain. it's all there for you. i've got it in my forecast in just a minute. >> oh, joy. thanks. the city is take action after a dying man was denied help just a few steps away at a d.c. fire station. the lieutenant in charge of station 26 is now on desk duty. on saturday, medric mills was walking with his daughter on rhode island avenue northeast when he collapsed. his daughter begged a firefighter for help. sources say that firefighter was a rookie. he checked with his supervisor, then returned to say that it was out of his hands. there was nothing he could do. he has been reassigned as that investigation continues.
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first on 4 tonight, an unexpected mail delivery with $40,000 worth of marijuana. a woman in southeast d.c. opened the box delivered by the postal service and found nearly ten pounds of pot stuffed inside. she called news4 and then alerted police. the woman says the package has her address with somebody else's name on it. there is also a return address with a name. there is new action being promised to help keep pedestrians safe in tyson's corner. people having to guess when to cross a busy intersection at leesburg pike and tycos road. new signal cross are in place because of the developments surrounding the new metro silver line. but some of those signals haven't been turned on yet. you can hear the sound of screeching brakes during an interview that we did, and some say it's proof that it's an accident waiting to happen. listen to this. >> see? it's treacherous. it's scary. yeah, there is no crosswalk.
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>> the traffic reconfiguration along leesburg pike could take months to complete. but fairfax county officials are going to look into the issue before then. a snowy owl, unusual for our area, is being nursed back to health tonight. she was hit by a bus here in d.c. but tonight we got an update on her recovery, and new information about where she may be released. chris lawrence has our report. >> reporter: a snowy owl has enchanted the area is bloody, bruised, and has a broken toe after it collided with a bus in downtown washington. >> right now the owl is stable. we've given it fluids and we've given it pain medication and antibiotics. >> reporter: d.c. police found the snowy owl thursday morning and turned it over to the national zoo, dazed and confused. >> i kind of use the words cobwebs, just a little bit, not quite right. >> reporter: but it's a bird that got hit by a bus. all in all, pretty lucky. >> there was blood coming out of
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its beak, which is bad, but we don't see signs of head trauma, which is good. >> reporter: kids across the world fell in love with the snowy owl through harry potter and his pet hedwig. but snowy owls are built to live in the arctic center, not mcpherson square. >> the people of d.c. have definitely embraced the snowy owl, as we have. >> reporter: the snowy owls have been showing up on the east coast over the past couple of years. the injured owl was full, which means it likely ate poisoned rodents. >> we sent blood out to be tested. and when the tests come back, we'll find out whether it does have any rote tenticid. >> we're live near where the collision 457ed. the birds are going to start heading north in four weeks. so that's the window to get this owl released in time to catch that migration. now, they would never release the owl into the wild from here
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in the middle of the city, but several parks, including one on maryland's eastern shore have already offered up their spaces. chris lawrence, news4. next, two sisters arrested for a black friday brawl that went viral. how police tracked them down two months after the attack. she posted her baby's picture, but never guessed where she would see it next. >> and she said, by the way, your baby is a superstar. >> the fine print on facebook that might make you think twice about what you share. a much needed temperature change across the area. but that comes with something else. we're going to watch as numerous storms move through.
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two sisters are facing assault charges tonight. it stems from an attack at the annapolis mall back on black friday. one of the shoppers there says the women attacked her in line at the victoria's secret store. police tracked 18-year-old antonia ash and 31-year-old ebony brooks to a store at which they were seen, and they subpoenaed that store's records in order to find them. tonight a mother is sharing her story after her facebook photo ended up in an ad. liz crenshaw is here with a warning for all of us. liz? >> reporter: doreen, like a lot of moms, one frederick, maryland woman posted pictures of her baby on facebook. but imagine her surprise when her photo popped up in a pitch for tooth whitening. ashley wingfield loves taking pictures of her 7-month-old son jackson, and she loves posting them on facebook and sharing them with her friends. >> i would say maybe on a weekly
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basis, i'm publishing maybe anywhere from one to ten pictures of him. >> reporter: but what wingfield didn't know is where jackson's photo would end up, until a friend sent her a text message. >> and she said, by the way, your baby is a superstar. >> reporter: this photo of jackson ended up on her friend's facebook news feed in an ad for crest white strips. >> and it was a picture of my son that i had taken of him rather recently, smiling toothless in the bathtub. i was shocked. >> reporter: wingfield had no idea how her son's photo ended up in a sponsored ad. she had not been contacted by facebook or crest, and yet there was jackson selling crest white strips. >> so they've covered their bases as far as giving themselves wide perring my. >> reporter: hudson kingston is the legal director at the nonprofit center for digital democracy. he says facebook's latest privacy language is very broad. it says in part, you grant us a
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nonexclusive transferrable sub licensable royalty-free worldwide license to use any ip content that you post on or in connection with facebook. >> they're trying to protect themselves against future privacy lawsuits. >> reporter: we a contacted facebook to find out how jackson's picture ended up in a sponsored ad. facebook says it was the result of an isolated bug that we are now fixing. no one else saw the image beyond the individual that viewed it. facebook goes on, we do not share or sell people's personal information to advertisers, and we do not use people's photos in ads. facebook says users own their photos and content they post. as far as that worldwide license that users grant facebook, the company says it is required to have the necessary license so that we can show your photos to your friends. crest told us it did not develop, commission, nor approve
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this advertisement. mistake or not, kingston says if you want total control over your photos -- >> there is the option of not uploading the stuff to facebook. >> reporter: wingfield says she is not angry, just surprised. >> a picture that i put out in the public. i mean, i guess this is maybe the beginning of his modeling portfolio. >> reporter: that's a positive approach. if you want to protect your photos, do not choose that public setting in your facebook privacy segments. and read more about facebook's statement and rights of responsibility on our website as well as the company's full response. just go to crenshaw. >> remember when we all enjoyed a modicum of privacy? >> those days are gone forever. >> remember when you wanted to show your kid's picture, you went like this? >> not anymore. doug, you've got some good news and some bad news? >> i've got good news for some, and i've got good news for others. that's how you look at that.
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the good news first. which one do you want to hear? >> the bad. >> okay there is a couple of storms on the way. doreen wants to hear about the nice warm-up coming over the next couple of days. well, for all of you, take act loo outside right now. a very calm night. but clouds have now moved in. and this is going to be some great news. last night we were in the single digits. some of you even below zero last night that is not going to be the case tonight. currently, we're sitting at 25 degrees. the clouds continue to roll on in. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. that southerly component is going to help to keep temperatures up tonight, and also help to warm us tomorrow. windchill at 18. but it's not too much of a factor with the wind, only around five to six miles per hour. 25 in d.c. 27 in leesburg. 25 in martinsburg. so still very warm here. we're a lot cooler in places like culpeper and fredericksburg, down towards the patuxent river there is a reason for that. as i mentioned, it's the cloud cover. storm team radar not showing significant as far as rain or snow that is concerned across the region.
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but here is the satellite and radar together. showing those clouds. and you notice, fredericksburg, culpeper, patuxent river, those areas were clear, the longest they were able to cool the most. we'll continue to see that for about the next hour, and then the clouds len envelope the entire region. as i said, tomorrow morn willing be a lot warmer than it was this morning. still going to be cold. but it's going to be a lot warmer. at least more tolerable. now, a much needed change. so many of you are asking when are we going to see some warmer weather. we've had the air coming straight out of the poles. it has been very, very cold across the east for much of the month. the coldest air will move to the north. milder air will move up. we are right on that line. and because of that, that line will be a line of storminess. and i think we do have one storm that is going to come in during the day on monday. some of the latest computer molds and some of the once we saw earlier still talking about a storm monday morning that would be snow. i do think it would be snow. with warm erode temperatures after a warmer weekend, roads may not be too big of a problem.
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this is a storm we're going to watch there is a lot of storms we have to watch the nenext day. 10 to 15 degrees warmer for many of you than we were out this morning. low temperatures the next couple days near 30. how about 46 tomorrow for a high. nice weather on saturday, a high of 48. 55 on sunday. a few showers. but most of it should be dry there is that chance of snow on monday. then we have a chance for ice, i think, on tuesday. a high temperature of 38 degrees that will quickly change over to rain on wednesday. we are going to watch that storm tuesday very, very closely, however, because, again, that could be a prolonged ice storm for some. and as we make our way towards next week so, much talk now on facebook and twitter about a huge blizzard coming up next weekend. way too early to tell. do not believe the hype on that one. >> you didn't post that? >> that wasn't me. >> okay, just checking. >> thank you, doug. coming up, john w
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so, the real countdown is on? >> that's right. we are still talking about the super bowl. i don't know about you, but i am not tired of it. >> okay. i am. i want them to play ball. >> i'm not. >> we can still talk about it for 67 more hours. players for the broncos and seahawks wrapped up media obligations today. now they can just worry about the game. but there is still a lot of talking going on. dianna russini has more from new york. >> reporter: while all the attention is on the players from the broncos and the seahawks, that there are actually some redskins here in the big apple.
11:26 pm
today we caught up with pierre garcon and talked to him about his new head coach. >> i'm looking forward to the offense is definitely going to be very similar to what it was last year. he is probably going to bring in some special plays from cincinnati. so that's definitely a good thing that we're looking forward to. and see what else goes on. >> reporter: and finally, a prediction for you. who do you think is going to win this thing? give me your thoughts here? >> i want the broncos to win, so, you know. i don't know any score. i just want the broncos to win. >> reporter: although garcon is rooting for denver, he will not be watching the game at metlife stadium. tomorrow robert griffin iii is expected to arrive here in the big apple as well as general manager bruce allen. in times square, dianna russini, news4 sports. >> guess what we're going to talk about tomorrow? rg3 in the big apple. all right. the washington capitals looking on the bright side tonight. they may have lost to the blue jackets, but at least they didn't lose their star defenseman for a long time. mike green now listed as questionable after what happened. as you can see, it could have
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been a lot worse. adam oates from behind the bench, watching a couple of ugly plays early. first period, caps were on the power play. clock tick down. it's in the net. columbus going up 1-0 on the short-handed goal. now later in the first period, check out the top of your screen. mike green put into the boards by boone jenner. that is a hard hit. and green's head goes right into the glass. he laid on the ice and then sat on the bench for a minute before leaving with a trainer and did not return. third period. caps down 1-0. orlov to fair. fehr with a backhand. the caps lose in columbus, 5-2 the final. guess who is going to new orleans for valentine's day weekend. john wall. announced tonight the wizards point guard was named east all star reserve team. wall getting some love finally
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from the league. it's his first all star nod, and he is thrilled tonight. he tweeted thank you to the coaches and to everyone who voted for me. i am truly blessed. this is a dream come true. well deserved 20 points a game, 8 1/2 boards. charles barkley talking about him tonight on his broadcast. he was saying that he loves him some john wall. with beal they're going to be the best backcourt or to the can you see us? are you there?
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you're breaking up. are you there? is it you or is it me? wait, no. dude, i'm lagging. is it you or is it me? why is it so slow? is it you or is it me?
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a rare sight high up on a japanese mountain is bringing in visitors from all over the world. look at this.
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these are called snow monsters. locals say they have never looked more impressive. what they are really are pine trees covered in layers of ice and snow. the wind helps mold the coating on the trees so they start to look like these eerie figures in a field. you can actually ski through the trees at a nearby resort. so it seems like all those figures are watching you. >> if you want to look it up. >> if the pain started up up. the back of my head and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor.
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there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped.


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